DAVID TURNBULL has found himself among some very talented company after a breakout season at Celtic.

It took a long time for the former Motherwell man to get his big break in the team and when he did, he never looked back.

WhoScored compiled a list of the major playmakers who have made key passes in their team this season and David is among the top. Only Dusan Radic and Xavier Mercier have completed more key passes than the Scottish midfielder.

It’s not been a good season for Celtic but David’s signing has been a breath of fresh air and the only real permanent summer transfer that has come good.

Turnbull has shown over the piece he can create and do it with style.

He also finds himself in great goal scoring opportunities regularly and can hit them from far out. The lad is just going to get better and better!

Any new manager who comes in needs to look at David as a player to build around.

It’s crazy to think the Celtic star is not guaranteed a place at the Euro’s with Scotland and most likely won’t get the nod.


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