JAMES FORREST is fast making people eat a large portion of humble pie after another sterling performance in a Celtic jersey.

While it’s true, the midfielder hasn’t always been this consistent and explosive, his form this season is something none of his greatest critics could have envisioned. So much so, I think there’s a portion of the support either unwilling to give him credit or begrudgingly giving him kudos with the caveat ‘Aye, but it won’t last forever’.

Today James became only the 13th player to score 50+ goals for Celtic in this century.

Just think about that. Even when he hasn’t been in the kind of form he is right now, he has scored some memorable goals and important ones – Karagandy anyone?

I certainly didn’t see this in him, but I’m absolutely delighted for the bhoy and how he has improved under Brendan Rodgers. With fans clamouring for Patrick Roberts at the start of the season, the Scottish midfielder has gone quietly about his business to the point he is perhaps a shoe-in for player of the year.

I hope the Green Brigade find this bhoy a song – he deserves one!



  1. Yep , fair play to the wee man from Ayrshire, I didn’t realise either, that he has scored that many but he has certainly weighed in with his share of the goals in his Time , the stats don’t lie , great contribution from him and long may it continue, HH


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