Incredible new fan footage of Celtic fans having a party at Hampden has emerged on social media and we’re loving it!

The footage shows Hampden packed to the rafters by Celtic fans doing the huddle while chanting ’Here we go ten in a row’.

Saturday will live long in the memory for the fans who we’re lucky enough to be at Hampden and then the Celtic Park open top bus prade was outstanding to cap off a truly memorable occasion.



  1. Wasn’t at Hampden but felt apart of the day history was made by Celtic yet again. I had a Cup Final Lunch with friends at home and we all did the huddle with those lucky enough to be at Hampden. HH

  2. My thoughts go back to previous games at Hampden, when a misguided Scottish politician praised the “atmosphere” during a sectarian laced bout of singing from the fans of a six year old club. I am patiently waiting for similar words of praise from the said politician regarding the “atmosphere” created by the Celtic fans in this Scottish Cup Final. Being a very well educated individual who has worked all over this world, I will not be holding my breath for this politicians utterance.

  3. Saturday i walked Along the Royston Rd in the Garngad and it was a sight to Behold.Tri Colors Celtic Tops.Everyone having a Grand Old Time.This Is How It Feels To Be Celtic,HfH TAL…HereWeGo10InARow….


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