Incredibly, Celtic broke the 50k barrier for renewals for the upcoming season a source at the club told Celtsarehere after the deadline passed earlier this week.

The uncertainty in the lead up to the renewal deadline has shown no adverse effects and with virtual season tickets in place for the start of next term — the fans have backed the club in spectacular fashion.

The chance to be a part of history if the bhoys can make it ten in a row made it a no brainer for those who could afford the expense. There was no deductions to take missed games into account and supporters had to pay full price for their pass to paradise.

Usually, the club allow 52 to 53k of season ticket sales per season so now people on the waiting list will get a chance to snap up a season ticket in the coming weeks.

There’s so many uncertainty at the moment but one thing is for sure — Celtic Park will be packed as soon as it’s allowed to be.


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