Chris Sutton could not believe what he was ready on twitter tonight when the Englishman was tweeted by a Sunderland fan.

The Sunderland lad asked if Sutton was watching ‘proper football’ for a change rather than commentating on Scottish football.

Chris just quoted the tweet pointing out the complete irony of a Sunderland fan talking about ‘proper football’

Chris is used to this sort of talk by complete and utter melts who have never watched a Scottish football game in their life.

An overinflated sense of ego due to the money being spent on mediocre players among clubs like Sunderland.


  1. Yup, and it wasn’t out first team playing for the 90 mins either.
    Still they’re entitled to their opinion from the dizzying heights of 23rd in the Championship. A relegation to League 1 is as real as football gets I suppose.

  2. I’m a Sunderland fan and season card holder and an ex Elgin City season ticket holder. I know the value of all levels of football and in this day and age especially for one of my fellow Sunderland fans to pipe up and embarrass himself like that is RIDICULOUS. What an Eegit!!!!

    I for one miss my days up at Borough Brigg. Used to sit in the stand till they got seats from Newcastle which obviously saw me back in the terraces!

  3. If I’m not mistaken Sunderland sit in the very lower reaches of the English Championship and look to be bound for the downward collapse into the English Lower League Div1.
    I wonder when they will next play European football…. Sorry not for a long time unless they find a sugar daddy to pull them out.
    You might crap on those below you and blow about it but you don’t get to dump on those above you.
    That writer should think of that before he stuffs his foot into his mouth the next time his pea brain starts to get notions of grandeur or/lay off the sauce. HH

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