SCOTT BAIN was put in goals tonight for Celtic and it has paid off in a big way.

Celtic conceded a penalty thanks to a careless challenge by Shane Duffy, however, it appeared to happen outside the area. If VAR was in play, it would have likely been changed to a free kick.

Getting into the break with their two goal lead was absolutely vital for Celtic and this save made it happen, even if Bain did fluff his lines two mins later!

It was unorthodox to say the least with his legs coming to the rescue. Then it didn’t bounce back into the path of a Lille player in a promising position.

Celtic have had a bit of luck so far on the night but two sensational finishes from Moi Elyounoussi have Celtic fans dreaming after a two weeks of issues.

The second half is likely to be anxiety inducing.



  1. Was put in goals ? Sounds like your mates are picking the team and the Diddy player is “put in goals “ cos he’s rubbish. Do you not mean he was selected to play as goalkeeper ?


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