CELTIC were patient and picked their moments against St Johnstone to make sure of the three points at Celtic Park – winning 2-0 on the day.

Even after going 1-0 up, St Johnstone had no desire to get forward and even time wasted at points during the second half.

It was an extremely professional performance by a team who would NOT have won this game earlier in the season or last term.

However, Scottish Football correspondent for the Sunday Times paints a bleak picture of the Celtic performance.

We’re forced to ask if he even bothered to watch the game?

Carl Starfelt mopped up everything that came his way during the game and didn’t give St Johnstone a sniff.

Kyogo was out on the wing for most of the game and found it hard to effect the game not playing through the middle. He became much more of a nuisance in the 10 minutes or so he got to play as the lone striker.

Celtic showed patience and decorum against a side who increasingly stuck the boot in as the game went on. There was nothing flashy about the performance but it was certainly not as described by Douglas Alexander.

It’s little wonder many Celtic fans have called these comments out since they appeared online.

Would it surprise you to know Douglas is also the ghost writer for Graeme Souness and Davie Weir on their books?


  1. Seems everyone with a modicum of intellect can see that Starfelt is a woeful defender and is an accident waiting to happen.

    It’s not difficult to defend against a side who never leave their own half.

    • I agree with his comments, the 1st half was abysmal, passing more backward and sideways than forward, looked clueless in trying to break their defence, when St. Johnstone pressed us higher up the park you could see the panic at times in our defenders, we still need massive improvement.

      • Starfelt is a woeful defender. He looks like someone who is continually rolled a live grenade every time he is passed the ball.

        If passing the ball back to your goalkeeper or back across to the centre half was all the skill you needed to become a professional footballer you’d have women and children lining out for Barcelona on a weekly basis.

        Anyone who can’t see that should take up writing about something that they do understand, like live weather reporting. Something that is extremely difficult to get wrong.

    • Good man larry.

      Anything else you’d like to get off your chest Lar?

      Lar is the internet warden, ‘calling people out’ who he doesn’t agree with, yet Larry is a left wing anti fascist, even though what Lar is actually doing here is employing the fascism that he is opposed to.

      He’s opposed to it, because someone told him to oppose it, Larry and several of the mongrels on here haven’t got the mental capacity to think for themselves.

      Thank God for Larry and his electronic vigilance.



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