Former Celtic striker Moussa Dembele is feeling some sort of vindication tonight by the looks of it after Brendan Rodgers left Celtic high and dry for a mid-table EPL side.

Brendan Rodgers preached loyalty and lack of respect in the summer window when Moussa Dembele was seeking his own Parkhead exit and warned fans at the time to be careful of who really cares about the club.

Many Celtic fans have been speaking today about Moussa’s summer comments and how they have turned out to be bang on the money.

It’s worth noting this guy disrespected Celtic too, he just happened to point out that Brendan Rodgers wasn’t the man he was portraying himself to be when it came to how much he loved the club.

Maybe Moussa can take the moral high ground as he was clear about why he was at the club and when he was likely to leave. The Brendan Rodgers move has happened so quickly and abruptly it has stunned our entire support.


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