Northern Ireland boss Michael O’Neill hasn’t ruled himself out of the Celtic job after being asked about the position by the media.

O’Neill gave the age-old politician response by not saying yes and most certainly not saying no when the prospect of taking Celtic on in the summer.

“I’m under contract here, I’ve a job to do here,” O’Neill told SunSport.

Hardly a definitive statement from the International manager.

O’Neill has done well with Northern Ireland and was one of the candidates considered back in 2016 before Brendan Rodgers took over.

Only 200 available!!

Since then, it would appear the ship has sailed on this ever happening although it’s fairly obvious the manager would welcome the approach if it came his way.

The Northern Ireland boss also commented on Brendan’s shock exit from the Celtic position.

“I was a little bit surprised at the timing of it – Brendan’s done an amazing job at Celtic to win seven trophies out of seven, and to do domestically what he’s done, it’s been phenomenal.

“He obviously felt it was the right time to go back to the Premier League.

“Neil was available, he knows Celtic, so I think it’s a good fit at this minute in time for them.”

Neil Lennon is in charge for the rest of the season with a view to appointing a full time manager in the summer.

The interim Celtic boss got off to the best possible start when a very late goal made sure of a win on his return to the club at Hearts expense.

Celtic will have to think very carefully about their next move, and you can be almost sure not many Celtic fans would have Michael O’Neill anywhere near the list of candidates.



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