Former Premier League goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer has urged Tom Rogic to leave Celtic because he believes the Australian isn’t being tested enough to make an impact for his national side.

The complete and utter ignorance of the rant laid bare when you consider Tom is actually fighting to get back into the first XI at this moment in time.

Schwarzer is clearly speaking like a man who knows little about Tom or the Celtic team and goes with what he hears from ignorant comments elsewhere.

Tom has been sensational for Celtic but has struggled with form and injuries over the past 12 months or so.

Tom is a very gifted player who can excel with the right players around him. The Australian setup is not what you call a treasure trove of talent. There are plenty of players over the years who have excelled for their club and not their country.

Speaking to Record Sport, Schwarzer said:

“The criticism that we all have is that for the national team he (Rogic) doesn’t seem to be able to deliver 90 minutes of consistency like he can for Celtic. Some players for whatever reason aren’t able to transfer that club form into national form. We’ve seen glimpses. When he performs for say 45 minutes you just go wow, what a player.

“This is the thing I think, I look at Celtic, and they have dominated the league for so long now, and yes they have some tough games, I just don’t think he is tested enough in other aspects of the game.

“From a tactical point of view, from a technical point of view, I don’t think he is tested enough because of the opposition they play enough every week. If he goes to a more competitive league, I think he would also do well in the Bundesliga, again I think that is a perfect league for someone like Tom Rogic.”

It’s very easy to pick off pundits who are having a go without actually doing their due diligence, it seems to be the case here.

Tom could play in a variety of different leagues and excel but his international form could stay the same with the number of average players around him.


    • Agree,if a good offer comes in then i think he could go,he did well few seasons back but now there are better options and only the best option gets the game time.
      He may turn it around but he may not…

  1. Who is this numpty of a keeper his track record ain’t anything, why is he worried about tom a would be more worried about there duff national team manager as he has nothing to offer .


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