Former Celtic goalkeeper Craig Gordon believes Celtic’s trip to Dubai was a final act of desperation to try and bring the squad together and it’s spectacularly backfired for the club.

The former invincible goalkeeper has been on three trips with Celtic and will no the advantages of going there and doing some hard work. The first time Brendan Rodgers took the team there, he left time during the winter break for families to join and it did promote a realise sense of togetherness.

This season was the year to miss the trip considering the global pandemic and the number of games Celtic are behind in the league. No winter break either which meant it had to be jammed into a few days, it wasn’t even hindsight that’s made this look bad.

Craig Gordon has spoke out why he thinks Celtic ultimately decided to go on the trip but it’s had the complete opposite affect.

“I think now looking back, it looks a bit silly.” Gordon told SunSport.

“For what they’ve done in the past coming back from Dubai, they’ve gone on great runs.

“I think they’ve looked at that and, almost in a kind of act of desperation, to go out there and try and rekindle the feelings, the squad, the togetherness that they’ve had in previous years… to get that back, to go and have a strong push in the second half of the season.

“They wanted to come back and have a strong performance tonight. It has really backfired.

“You can understand from that point of view what they wanted to get out of it.

“But for everything else it has been a bit of a disaster.”

Celtic are 21 points behind in the league, they still need to play an in-form Livingston with a patched up side on Saturday and potentially the following Wednesday.


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