IBROX FLOP Bruno Alves has been linked with a move away from Ibrox this month, not that means much to Celtic fans.

Although, the thought him leaving has brought one very amusing back page headline to the forefront of some peoples minds.

‘I’m here to take your title’ the big defender exclaimed when he ‘jetted in’ to sign furra mighty bears!

In reality, he has been a massively expensive flop for the Govan side and paid 10 minutes against Celtic where he did nothing. Queue the Celtic fans amusement…



  1. Sevconian Delusion is an almighty Giggle a Minute,As they just constantly talk out there arses.On the other hand Celtic let there Football do the Talking.Broono Alves is just a typical Has Been just like Joey Farton…….And another Thing (Old Firm???)And Sevco are Celtics Bitterest Rivals???Really!!!!!The Old Firm Died in 2012 Along with that Other Rancid Club.Hun Propafckinganda….HH

  2. LoLoLoL Will These Muppets Never Learn.Barton Alves and most of Sevco’s other Soopa Doopa Stars are just Mercenaries.They talk a good game but thats all it is Talk.Unless RainJurZz 1872 were brought out of Liquidation Without the World knowing,They are a Newly Formed Club l,Who actually played there very first proffesional game against the Mighty Brechin and they were Named Sevco Scotland 5088 and not long after Said Game they changed there name to The RainJurZzz.Oldco were not Demoted or Relegated.They ceased to exist after Liquidation and The Tribute Act came to be,Charles Green formed this New Club.So All These Pretendy Pretendy Real RainJurZz Men,Liars Cheats Corrupt Criminals who Frequent the Crumble Dome,The Sevconian Hoardes Believe Anything and Everything and are Easily Fleeced out of Millions.Why Couldnt They Play in European Competition for Three Years.Never Let Them Forget…Facts are Facts

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