Celtic dominated St Mirren on Wednesday night, exhibiting some top football in a convincing victory.

The Bhoys were in outstanding form, particularly considering the sub-par condition of the pitch at Celtic Park.

Many fans around me during the game commented on the poor condition of the surface. Celtic Park usually sets the standards when it comes to how well they take care of the playing surface.

REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

But they’re not immune to this cold weather. They’ve clearly found it difficult to keep the park up to standards as the cold weather continues to bite.

It is essential for Celtic’s performance and style of play that the field is kept in optimal condition, but with numerous upcoming home games, maintaining it to a playable standard is going to be a difficult task.

Although it wasn’t as bad as the Hampden pitch, you could tell the Celtic Park turf was cutting up and causing passes to go astray occasionally.

I’d imagine the ground staff are now working around the clock to make sure the pitch keeps its integrity.

Under the guidance of Brendan Rodgers, the club invested over £2 million in a hybrid pitch to reduce issues caused by cold weather. With Ange’s preferred style of play, would it be worthwhile to consider resurfacing the field this summer? Maybe not the same sort of hybrid pitch Brendan had installed, that ended up being ruined by a fungus in the soil.


  1. Yes it was a mess motherwell had worst park in spl now 3 years on its best by far so what’s up celts letting things slip we need a playing surface to go with a wonderful stadium it’s turning into sand pit dare say they are looking into it but sounds if manager fed up waiting he says it was a difficult surface why help our oppents by making it hard to passing you case paamssws going astray and players giving to take a touch to control ball before they pass it that gives defenders to get closer or block ball


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