Ok, a few weeks have passed and on a personal level all the emotion of Brendan Rodgers shock departure have simmered down a good bit. All my little brain cells are well and truly focused on Celtic and the last two remaining trophies of the season. Hopefully, that is the same for most Celtic fans.

Lennon’s latest comments are not doing my simmered down emotions much good. I fully understand the respect between the two and it must be weird for Lennon coming in and lifting trophies somebody else done the groundwork for. Maybe he should direct his praise onto the players instead though?

Lennon’s latest comments are badly timed. On winning the last two trophies of the season Lennon said:

“I want to do it for him as much as anybody else,” About Rodgers.“It would be a partial contribution from me, this eighth title. “For me, it’s down to Brendan and the work he implemented and the foundations in place. “This is still very much a Brendan team rather than mine.”

Like I said earlier, it’s admirable on some level but you will find very few Celtic fans looking to dedicate this season’s accomplishments to Rodgers.


  1. Brendan Rodgers has left us with a team that haven’t learned how to play a defencive team, and its my way of thinking we are making the situation worse as we are forcing players behind the ball with our stupid slow side ways build up and we waste 40 minutes each game doing this slow play crap as we can all see when play is opened up we are deadly with out the Brawn of browns. Intelligence as he slows our play down why is it lower teams have no problems scoring with each other yet it is our play that is stopping ourselves from running riot

  2. just as well that we won last weekend against Sevco. Had we not done so, by the end of today, we may have been only 5 points in front and that is assuming we would still have beaten St Mirren on the back of a Sevco defeat. The Livingstone performance was woeful.
    Think of the nerves that would have caused. Lennon is getting by, but only just. The performances do not give us confidence for the future.
    Watching Lenny’s body language yesterday, as well as his decision making, gives me much pause to reflect and perhaps worry. Sevco are running away with today’s game.

  3. I think lenny is as entitled to his opinion as anyone else. I also think that BR leaving so suddenly has affected the team more than they let on. It took a brave man to step into the breech knowing,not only what the team had achieved under him. But also the relationship that most of the players had built up with BR. I think we need to cut the wee man some slack. The league’s won. 1 cup in the bag. The treble treble is on. This is going to be another momentous season for us. So lets get behind lenny and the team for whats left of the season. HH.

  4. He’s saying
    ‘If things go ‘tit’s up’ Don’t blame me blame the board.’ They didn’t back St Brendan and co. So they won’t back me. Unless I resort to blackmail. If the board don’t back NL??? Who is next for their ‘Short arms long pocket’s pi$h. Better in Europe = Better players, = more cashflow = Better at everything = 10 in a row +. = rifc LIQUIDATION 2. Not much tae ask is it.


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