With the news that Efe Ambrose has been dropped from the Champions League squad to enable Celtic to add wild card option which goes to Dorus de Vries is Brendan Rodgers about to shake things up again?

There is no real surprise that Efe has dropped out the squad but is it a telling sign that Rodgers is about to drop Craig Gordon for his newest signing? The way Rodgers has spoke about Dorus you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking he’s came in to take the no.1 slot but is the Irishman ready to do it with so much on the line?

It would be a bold move to put a cold goalkeeper into such an important game, but the manager has a clear belief in his newest signings ability that you cannot rule it out.

If the player can shake off his ankle injury early then you wouldn’t bet against it but if he misses this tie will he be put in place for the away leg?

It will be interesting if he keeps Gordon in between the sticks in the long run or Rodgers eases de Vries back into Scottish Football in the league.

Would you drop Craig Gordon?


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  1. No. Too big a chance to take. It would shatter Gordon’s confidence and although I am a critic I would leave him in and let De Cries get some game time in the league.

  2. Gordon is one more mistake away from being history at Celtic.Brendan may play Gordon but his time in my opinion is drawing to a close unless he recovers some sort of form.

    • Andy, the way you’re going on you would think Craig Gordon is dropping balls everywhere, I watch most of the games, and don’t remember Craig dropping balls, yes he has been caught out of position at times, but what goalkeeper hasn’t. When you remember keepers like Rab Douglas, Gordon Marshall, Jonathan Gould, you should be glad we have Craig Gordon.
      Could it be that some fans don’t like him because he always played well against us for Hearts, and sometimes wore orange or blue jerseys?

      • I don’t like him cause he can’t handle the big games, Milan for instance when he past the ball to them, and no player should score at near post against any keeper, but in Gordon they do

  3. Not tonight. Too risky at this stage.
    I’ve questioned Gordon for a few weeks, but I also said he deserves the chance to prove himself, starting tonight.

  4. Gordan has been suspect for a while now and he clearly hasnt been pushed by the goalkeepers at the club logan bailly or fesan his distribution from the back hasnt been anywhere near good enough! He hasnt been commanding his box coming from set pieces or corners maybe its mind games from rodgers to let gordan see that he misses nothing and wont be scared to shuffle or change when needed there is no bigger ego than the manager so the players either do it his way or thet will simply be moved on which in my opinion is a breath if fresh air as the lumps of wood we were carrying with One trick pony Deila getting played week after week! HH

    • Wit are u on mate……….. Did u really say change the goal keepers in the last ten minutes of a champions league qualifying game ????????????

  5. Keep the defence as is, not the time to be shuffling things around. DDV will keep Gordon on his toes and concentrate his mind


  6. Don’t start mucking around with goalkeepers every player goes through bad patches.

    Talking about goalkeepers Paddy Bonner dropped more crosses tha Dracula.

  7. Can’t handle the big games?? How many times has he played for Scotland?
    What about that save when the score was 4-2? If that had gone in, we may have
    had some job reaching the CL group stages.


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