In a time we’re told that Scottish football is in the pits by many of the press in this country. We’re told how much of dire straights we’re in and that we should all beg and plead and pray that the mighty shell of a football cub that these people champion come racing to the forefront of Scottish football again before we can truly be content.

What these narrow minded people lack is sight of the bigger picture. How can we possibly hope to move on and grow as a footballing country while their heads are stuck in the gutter with their pet project? For instance their is a cup final happening on Sunday but if you were an outsider looking in at Scottish football you would be very hard pressed to discover this.

Page after page of boardroom boxing, coaching calamities and gardening gurus set the tone and so with it lowers Scottish football. Two of the best teams in the country will do battle on Sunday for the first silverware of the season, two attacking minded and exciting teams at that. Why are we not pushing this to the point of exhaustion while relegating civil war and revisionism to the hard to find places of our media?

Of course we all know the reasons why this will never be the case. If the same people were to talk up our game it would only serve to undermine all their efforts up to this point. To bask in what could turn out to be a very memorable cup final would almost have blasphemous overtones for the doomsayer’s. Now I’m not saying there is a media blackout of the cup final, there has been some build up throughout our media just not at the level you would expect. Granted it’s only Tuesday but you can bet your bottom dollar that the final will stay on the back burner if someone so much as passes gas down Govan way.

It’s simple, if you keep talking our game down then it will stay down. If you choose on the other hand to talk up the fact that how many clubs have their house in order since 2012. Clubs like St Johnstone and Aberdeen, St Mirren winning honours in the process then you will see our game start to prosper. With the men in charge equally as ridiculous as those who report on our game then we shall forever be banished to their pessimistic shade until real change is instigated.

We needn’t be reliant on just one clubs fortunes, although some obviously will forever wish this to be the case.





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