Rightly or wrongly the perception among Celtic fans when it comes to Lee Congerton is that he could have been Rodgers worst signing for the club.

Brendan Rodgers brought Lee into the club to be the chief scout and help the Irishman to deliver young talent who could make an immediate impact for the club.

However, it became very apparent within a season the scouting system was failing yet Rodgers backed his man.

Today, TalkSport have come out and claimed something Celtic fans will be delighted about; Lee Congerton wants to weight up his options in the summer and likely move on from Celtic. GREAT!

There’s more though!

The radio broadcaster claims Celtic were maybe looking for Lee to become the Director of Football at Celtic Park even after Rodgers departure…is this some sort of sick joke?

We reported last week JohnKennedy was being groomed as a potential Director of football at the club with Brendan Rodgers blessing but no mention of Lee taking the post.

This looks like conjecture and perhaps Lee spinning his story before he’s shown the door at Celtic Park.

While we can’t be certain we’re pretty sure Lee would be nowhere near that role in Glasgow.


  1. Talksport is a joke as far as I can see and hear from Alan Brazil and his cronies not to mention Jim White most of whom are overweight and overpaid for talking total rubbish….


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