NEIL LENNON was asked to comment on the Twitter storm created by Scott Brown after the game on Tuesday night when eagle-eyed Celtic supporters noticed he had ‘liked’ a comment from a supporter slamming Neil Lennon for his team selection.

It was up for almost an hour on his profile before he obviously went back onto Twitter where there was plenty of people mentioning the incident.

The Celtic captain took it down and made sure to send a tweet out saying it was a mistake and he was just looking at the comments from the support after the game.

Asked about the incident, Neil Lennon could see the funny side of what happened but warned against going onto social media after a result like Tuesday.

“Scott’s never been the brightest! Seemingly he’s accidentally hit this like button.” Lennon told CelticTV.

“I don’t think he’s ever been on Twitter that much. He was just looking for the reaction, which is natural.

“It can be damaging. Maybe he can detach himself from it as well and concentrate on being the great captain that he is.”

Celtic fans were upset on Tuesday as the club threw away a great chance to get into the Champions League play-off round.