RYAN CHRISTIE has spoken of his bewilderment after he wasn’t awarded a penalty against Rennes for a blatant foul inside the box.

Celtic were 1-0 down at the time when Christie was fouled and you can see from the pictures on the night the Celtic midfielder couldn’t believe it when the referee waved play on.

It would be minutes later when James Forrest would use his quick feet in the box and was also fouled. A penalty was awarded and Christie scored from the spot.

It was a peculiar night with some shocking decisions from a referee who seemed out of his depth. Sending Bayo off in injury time in the most bizarre of circumstances.

Christie was positive he had been fouled and when he got up and turned around he expected to see the referee point to the spot.

Speaking after the game, the Celtic midfielder told CelticTV it was a ‘strange one’.

“I thought it was a stonewaller so there’s a sense of frustration. I don’t envy the referee his job, especially in that atmosphere where the fans are shouting for every decision.

“It was a strange one. At the time I looked back and I expected to see the referee giving it. I was shocked when he didn’t.

“If it’s not a penalty then he had to book me but he awarded a throw-in, so it didn’t make much sense.”

A point was the least Celtic deserved from the game. It could have been all three under different circumstances. It sets the bhoys up for their home game against Cluj in two weeks time.


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