It’s hard to trust pundits, the more controversial they are, the more air time they seem to get. Ex-Celtic players turned pundit is the worse. Mostly with the exception of John Hartson and Chris Sutton.

Hartson plays the middle of the road stuff, he doesn’t come out with any big mental statements that can come back to bite him.

Sutton, on the other hand, likes to call the big ones. His big one the other day was that Rodgers will be off in the summer. At the time, I thought, he is at it, he has gone full Craig Burley.

In fairness, Sutton has been making this call all season. He has consistently said that all was not right between Rodgers and Lawwell.

He consistently claimed that Brendan Rodgers will take the first job that comes up in the EPL. It turns out the ex-striker was on the money. Celtic fans are in shock this morning with the news of the departure of Rodgers to Lecister.


  1. Talked to an X Celtic player last year and he said he didn’t rate Rodgers as a manager.He reconned Steve Clarke was next but my monies on Martinez.


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