SCOTT BROWN has spoken about the embarrassing nature of the Rugby Park pitch and why it continues to be an embarrassment to Scottish football.

It’s bad enough it’s on a horrible plastic surface, however, Scott Brown took aim at the grounds men for doing a horrible job of shortening the pitch for Celtic’s visit.

The home side made the pitch much smaller for their game against Celtic but they hadn’t done a good job of hiding the old lines – making the whole thing look very silly and embarrassing for a professional club.

“If you’re going to do that then you have to do it properly so it doesn’t look bad on TV or to the fans.” Scott Brown told SunSport.

“There are people down in England watching that game and it makes us look bad.

“We need to try and make the game look as good as we possibly can up here, so people are impressed when they come up here.

“Their stadium is brilliant and they have good fans as well.

“But they need to do the small things which will improve the game up here.”

Shorter pitch or not, Celtic won comfortable on the night with a 3-1 victory over the Rugby Park side.

On the television it was very evident what Killie had done and it made the whole thing look amateur.

Celtic stayed top of the league with their win on Wednesday and now get a rare home game in this current stretch of games before they hit the road.


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