NEIL LENNON has picked up on something which isn’t getting run in the papers today to any great extent.

There’s been a lot of hysteria surrounding The Rangers game and a referee apologising for a decision which looks like it might have been a dive by Morelos when he was given a free-kick. The referee is taking the heat for that game and the narrative set out by Gerrard and swallowed by the masses is The Rangers were somehow cheated.

The Celtic manager sat in the press conference last night and was asked about Hamilton’s equaliser and he was very direct in saying it shouldn’t have counted. Why? Because Alex Gogić was on the park when he took the throw-in.

To get power and pace behind the throw which caused all sorts of problems for Celtic, Alex had stepped over the line and it was a foul throw. The decision should’ve been Celtic getting the throw, instead, Accies equalised and Celtic had to retake the lead in dramatic fashion.

“It shouldn’t have counted, because Gogić is on the pitch when he takes the throw-in” Lennon told CelticTV.

“We should deal with it better, there’s been a deflection and I think we should have got a block on the shot”

Our Twitter feed pointed it out on the highlights.



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