KIERAN TIERNEY has told Celtic fans the footage from Tuesday night on Instagram of him losing card roulette was a fix and he knew he was being stitched up by his teammates!

Kieran and some of the players were out for dinner when they all decided to play card roulette to see who was paying the entire bill. The names came down to either the left back or Celtic’s number one goalkeeper Scott Bain and when the last card was drawn the place exploded as Kieran crumbled into a heap on the table.

Speaking about paying for the meal, the defender was adamant it was a stitch up.

“If you asked me if the pain of the dinner was sorer than my injury then I’d have to say it isn’t. It was a fix, it was horrible. I knew as soon as they did it, it would be me as I hate card roulette. I knew it was me as it’s just my luck.” he told Record Sport.

Speaking about his injury, Kieran made it clear he’s in constant pain. The left back is refusing to get the surgery until after the Scottish Cup final because he wants to play his part.

“But there’s pretty much pain all the time. It’s sore when I wake up, sore moving about.

“People say it gets a bit better once you’ve warmed up but I’ve yet to feel that way. It’s been absolute agony. But I know what I’ve got, I know there’s not much I can do until I get my op.”

With the injury the defender has got, he’s in a position where he’s in constant pain but the condition can’t get any worse if he plays on it. His commitment to the cause and to help Celtic to another piece of history is there for all to see.


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