NEWCASTLE under 23 player Stuart Findlay has spoken about his move to St James’ park after things going stale for him in Glasgow.

The young defender surprised a few by moving south of the border to become part of the Newcastle set up but he wasn’t getting a look-in at Celtic.

“My time at Celtic was going a bit stale.” said the towering centre back.

“As soon as I heard a team like Newcastle was interested, it was an absolute no-brainer.

“Nobody I know would’ve knocked that back and I’m glad that I came.”

Of course a player is going to big up his current team and tell you why it’s wonderful, had he been given more of a chance at Celtic he’d still be there in our humble opinion. It was the right move for him at the time.

But if he doesn’t know ANYONE who would turn down the chance to leave Celtic for Newcastle it begs the question – who exactly does Stuart Findlay know?


  1. Sounds to me what he meant was given the fact he wasn’t getting a look in here, not that Newcastle is a better club.

  2. Quite simple, he wasn’t going to make it at Celtic so moved to a lesser club….hope he does well, but I think he will end up at another Championship side

  3. Good luck to him he has done what anyone in his position would do and I wish him all the best Newcastle are a good team and I hope he gets the opertunities to develop HH

  4. Never mind that no-brainer, can anyone tell me what day next week are the top six figures being announced ? By i way I’d of turned it down HAIL HAIL

  5. Oh yeah Newcastle…..loony geordies lining rafa.s pension funds ….great visionary massive debt ridden club getting ready for europe = rafa.s spanish mansion …..more meds please nurse..nurse …?

  6. let him look at all the other youngsters who left Celtic , where are they now.
    Every player who has left has finished up in the lower divisions of the English league, just give it time and the same will happen to him. If he never got picked for the first team it meant they did not think he was Good Enough. Good luck to him wherever he finishes up.And I have been following Celtic sinceBobby Lennox got into the team.


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