JEREMIE FRIMPONG has fast become a fan favourite on the Celtic scene after making the brave move to leave Manchester City and come to Glasgow.

Jeremie was 18 at the time when he made the decision himself to cut ties with the English Champions and join Neil Lennon’s revolution at Celtic Park.

What a decision it’s turned out to be for everyone but there was no guarantee when the player made the decision to make the switch.

Jeremie perhaps showed wisdom beyond his age by not settling for a cushty life in Manchester and taking a big chance to come to Scotland. To leave the comfort of what you know to pursue the unknown is a scary thing. The player was pencilled in for the developmental side and would have been playing in the unglamourous ties for the reserves and colts. Instead – the defender played in both the semi-final and final of the League Cup; picking up a winners medal in the process. Yes, he was red carded on that day but nobody is holding it against him and on a day when Celtic didn’t play particularly well, the wee man tried to make things happen.

Now firmly settled in and Celtic’s first choice right-back, Jeremie admits he’s loving Glasgow and the club.

“I’ve got lots of brothers and they’re down in Manchester. But when I have matches my mum and my brother come up.

“They’re coming up for Christmas so I won’t be by myself.

“At first they were a bit apprehensive about me moving here but it was my choice. I know what’s best for me and they agreed with my decision.

“The good thing about Glasgow is that nothing is different to Manchester.”

“The Celtic fans are amazing. Sometimes when I’m out in town they’ll be like ‘oh, that’s Jeremie Frimpong’, so I’ll stop and have a chat with them.” he told SunSport.

“They’ll ask me how I’m finding it and I tell them it’s been good.

“When I was walking around Manchester I could just walk, minding my own business.

“But here it’s like ‘Jeremie! Jeremie!’

“It’s different, but it’s cool. The players like me so that’s been good as well.

“I think with my personality, everywhere I go will be good. I’ve always been good with people in general. I just like to talk to people and I like their banter.”

Jeremie is fast becoming the sensation of the season and we hope his first professional season ends in more medals.



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