CHRIS SUTTON has tor through Celtic after their hopeless defeat in Russia on Thursday night. The former Celtic striker will always give you his honest opinion, even if you don’t agree with it.

While he took aim at a lot of the underperforming players Brendan Rodgers has brought to the club – the Englishman reserved special criticism for Celtic’s head of recruitment Lee Congerton in his Daily Record column.

‘Former Chelsea chief scout Lee Congerton arrived as head of recruitment last March with a big reputation but what has he done? It’s about time he delivered.

‘Why aren’t Celtic finding the players they used to?

‘They’re sitting with £31million in the bank so it’s time to invest some of it on quality acquisitions. If they want to go to the next level then they’ll need to.

‘I’m not saying it’s an easy market. They have brought rough diamonds in before who have gone on to great things but lately the recruitment has been a huge disappointment.’

The pundit does have a point. Brendan Rodgers has been talking about quality for sometime now but the players coming in are yet to show their full ability.


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