We seem to take ourselves seriously more than ever these days, why is that? Have we lost the ability to laugh at ourselves and be able to converse with someone who has differing opinions without personal attacks?

The internet is a wonderful thing but when it comes to Fitba’ I’d take it in moderation. Gone are the witty remarks and playful banter. In its place automated narrow minded responses.

Take the recent nonsense with the Green Brigade.

I have never seen such passion from people who want to defend a group’s right to move sideways. Let them move sideways is the cry! Pumping their fists and branding anyone who opposes them they are a corporate lackey. What is that all about?

People think since 93, 94 when the ‘Celts for Change’ movement changed our clubs trajectory that the board must now always be fought. They are doing a great disservice to the men who pioneered that movement which was ultimately about saving our club from extinction. This new stuff is a stale fart in a hurricane compared to anything the guys did back then.

I digress, because this article is not about the GB but just a very pertinent example of how we have all lost our minds somewhere along the way.

Can we take any joy from watching our team play anymore?

Is it all about being a rebel, fighting the power and bashing the board?

When I was young lad in the 90s going to the games with my dad I would always be overawed by the enthusiasm and passion from the stands for the team out on the pitch. It’s what made me fall in love with the club. We were watching Andy Thom strut his stuff and the three amigos play scintillating football.  We didn’t win much but we were together as one through the hard times. That is very Celtic. Now sometimes I feel that the game itself is a sideshow for all the other things going on.

I don’t know about anybody else but I take immense joy in watching Celtic play football. Getting my scarf out the cupboard then wandering down London road is almost definitely the highlight of my week; win, lose or draw. I have no desire to know the intricacies of another clubs boardroom power struggles, nor do I want to talk about a fans rights to ‘lateral movement’.

It’s all about Celtic for me.




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