SCOTT SINCLAIR had the perfect answer to media question asking if he expected The Rangers to challenge in the second half of the season.

The midfielder, who leads the clubs scoring charts had to field the question as he was in a press conference about the Celtic vs Hibernian match on Saturday.

Instead of giving the journalist a controversial answer or going into depth about the club across the city he revealed the players are only concerned with number one, not number two.

Well said Scotty!


  1. We are facing our brothers on Saturday and some Rancid Pond Life totally disrespects both Teams by putting it to Scotty Bhoy regarding the Most Corrupt Club in Scottish Football History.Its All About The Celtic.Number 2 is Nothing.Its All About Numero Uno.Back Under Yer Rock,You Inbicilic Arsewipe.Have HMRC been paid Yet?????? All we hear,Constantly,Same Club Same Club.When it comes to paying back each and every person They Mugged.That was Oldco.A Scourge on Every Other Decent Club they Face.


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