Kelvin Wilson has hammered the current Celtic side for not rising to the occasion this season and believes their form is baffling.

The former Celtic defender can only put it down to players not hungry to win anymore and wanting away.

He puts very little at the door of his former boss Neil Lennon but gives plenty of the blame to the players currently at Celtic Park, some of who were his old teammates.

Speaking on the Huddle podcast Wilson was clear who the culprits were:

“No one saw this season coming.

“Usually, you look at the results and you think ‘Did Celtic win again this week?’

“But I’m now looking and thinking ‘Have they lost again?’

“Which, I don’t think that’s ever been the case with Celtic, especially in the league.

“So, I think seeing what’s happened this year, it won’t happen again, I don’t think.

“Not for a long time.

“I don’t think Celtic will be so poor like this for long time.

“Even if they weren’t going to do the 10 in a row, it should’ve been a much, much tighter title race.

“It’s like a lot of the players don’t want to be there.

“That’s what I’m watching.

“I mean, you’re playing for 10 in a row, making history – even if it’s not pretty, you’re making sure you get the results.

“Yet to see some of them, it’s just like they’re not batting an eyelid.

“I wouldn’t blame Neil.

“Yes, he might have got a few things wrong and I’m sure he’d hold his hands up to that.

“But, when the players go on the pitch it’s down to them then. It’s out of Lenny’s hands.

“Are they just thinking ‘It’s over now, let’s just get to the end of the season, I need to try and get out.’

“It’s baffling.”

Celtic could have surpassed the Lisbon lions record of nine in a row had they won the title this season. As it happens, they will only match the feat in the end.

It’s a source of major disappointment to the support but those are the breaks in football.

Neil Lennon shoulders more than of the blame than Kelvin is willing to hand out to the Hoops gaffer.

The season has been a disaster in terms of the teams being put out onto the pitch and the lack of any improvement in set piece defending throughout.


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