Brendan Rodgers Celtic team are such overwhelming favorites today that it’s causing a reverse effect on the nerves.

Derby day is cliche day, all the pundits and all the ex-players repeat sayings that have been said 1000 times before. The cliche that woke up this morning is the one about the form book going out the window. In truth, it’s not just about form, is it? Man for man Celtic are better all over the pitch.

Brendan Rodgers does not know what it feels like to lose a Glasgow Derby. He might of thought he lost one in the only game he dropped points in when the Sevco players and “fans” celebrated a 1-1 draw like they’d won the Champions League.

The new Rangers team will have to be better than they have been all season to get a result today. Craig Gordon thinks so anyway. Speaking during the week the Celtic stopper said:

“You can try and say it is like any other game, it is three points, but nobody is going to believe that.

“We know if we play to the best of our ability we’ll win.

“It doesn’t really matter to us what anyone else is doing. We’ll go into the game and try to impose ourselves on it.

“We know it will be a battle, that they will come out and try to make a few tackles because it’s a derby game and they have to.

“We have to be ready for that and stand up to that.

“But at the same time, we must stay calm and play the type of football we know.

“If we play how we can then we will win.”

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  1. In days Gone By,Way way in the past before the Real RainJurz Died through Liquidation,There was a Saying We All used(Old Firm) But those Days are Long Gone.The Old Firm only exists in the Sevconian Psyche.The Old Firm Does Not Exist Anymore.This is a New Glasgow Derby,Partick Thistle are Glasgow Celtics Oldest Glasgow Rivals.And this isnt said as a wined up.Facts are Facts Truth is truth and the Reality is Rangers 1872 No longer exist.This Cretinous Club that plays out of the Crumble Dome have no Rivalry to our Club other than Using our Clubs Magnificent Name for there Own Twisted Agenda.There Old Club died cheating lying and any other corrupt way they could To try and Achieve what Glasgow Celtic Achieved honestly and Thats something that Lot can never do….So Cmon Celtic Humiliate This Mob into realising They can never match us,Ever Again..HH

  2. 1) respect your opponent 2) win the personal battles 3) entertain 4) don’t come off the Park with any regrets 5) don’t be a silly billy, no red cards 6) H H. Happy Hogmanay

  3. As backings Go,Im backing My Wonderful Club to Hammer Sevco by atleast 4 or 5 Today.BUT There is one person in that Sevco line up that could make all the difference for them at Paradise.And he goes by the name of Boaby Madden.He will be the only reason that Cretinous lot get anything from Celtic..Celtic need to leave no doubt and leave no dubious decisions to this Vile c..t.Simply play them off the Park,The Celtic Way….Mon The HooPs INTAE THUM!!!!HH


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