The Scottish deadline closes at 12am but Ronnie Charters has got word from someone at Celtic that there will be no signings coming in tonight.

The day started off promising with reports in London talking about a deal for Victor a Wanyama. By Midday that was shot down by all Scottish Journos in the know.

Since then we’ve been treated to rumour after rumour if Celtic seemingly scrambling to try and do deals.

Celtic might be in a good position at he moment but for having the highest paid CEO in the UK we don’t half look like an amateur outfit during transfer windows.

The club have always famously never built from a position of strength and to not drive home their financial advantage to help us along in our quest for nine in a row is pretty indefensible. Yet, we will still here people defend the board. Nine in a row is still in our hands but how any supporter could argue that bringing in some experience or quality this window wouldn’t have helped us on the way is ludicrous.

We hope the two lads who have come in can do the business.


  1. Peter Lawell had better hope that he has not fu cked up 9 / 10 in a row.

    There will be no hiding place, no hiding place if he has.

    He be buried, half alive under his heated driveway.

  2. Totally unacceptable from Celtic, as soon as the second Hearts goal went in I heard a massive bang as the biscuit tin lid was slammed shut, time after time we fail to strengthen while on top, one of these days it will backfire and the repercussions will be massive.
    We must force Liewell out somehow, I fear Lennon is just a figurehead and Liewell is in total charge of team affairs.

  3. Same Old same old Same Old Celtic.Spend Low And Aim High.Like Shopping at Poundland and Swanning about Harvey Nicholls ffs….
    Lenny will be sitting on Liewells knee getting claps and treats,Embarrassing.Two more projects brought in Here is Hoping 9 In A Rows Ours

  4. Ermmmmm get a grip

    We are playing in SCOTLAND , we receive 5 million for winning the league. The deadybears have went all in 25 million, money they dont have and still not good enough. Spoilt brats a section of our support. Even winning is seen as negative now.

    If you dont like what you are dont go and give your ticket to someone that wants to support the club.. and to criticise NL is pathetic.


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