Former English Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher has delivered his verdict on Calum Butcher’s reckless challenge on David Turnbull on Sunday.

Celtic faced off against Dundee Utd in the early Sky Sports kick off – the bhoys making light work of the home side with a scintillating attacking performance.

However, there was a point in the game where the Hoops should have been playing against 10 men. It’s not even debatable, in real time and in replays, it’s a sending off every day of the week.

Referee Don Robertson handed out a yellow for the challenge, much to the bemusement of Celtic fans and players.

Gallagher has further confirmed it should have been a sending off in his ‘ref watch’ segment on social media.

Gallagher is always straight up with his opinions as a referee. The former whistler is a Celtic fan, but that’s never skewed his perception of a particular flash point and has regularly gone against the grain when it comes to decisions Celtic fans might have felt should have come their way.

The yellow card is an absolute joke, but yet it will not get the coverage in Scotland that a marginal decision Celtic got in the Hearts game last week. I wonder why.



  1. Don scum Robertson should be down graded thats a joke and biased ref that thinks it was only a yellow so we will not hear anything again about it thats why that scum in black gave a yellow card so butcher gets away with it not unless crowford allan maybe open up on his corrupt officials the scum rat.


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