NEIL DONCASTER has reiterated the position the SPFL and Scottish football found themselves in by having to curtail the season.

We have the usual suspects’ crying games could have been played after the EPL kicked off again. However, Doncaster rightfully points out players weren’t allowed to train until June and they weren’t even allowed to take part in full contact training until LAST WEEK.

This made finishing the fixtures in the 19/20 season impossible, no matter who tells you otherwise. It’s all about making the 20/21 season happen and the league has the best chance of making that happen because they have made difficult decisions.

Key Points from the interview:

  • Welcome’s SFA Arbitrations panel handling Thistle and Hearts matter.
  • SPFL Clubs will ultimately foot the bill if Hearts and Thistle are awarded compensation.
  • Never a viable chance of restarting the league
  • Fixture list tight; any postponements during the season could prove difficult.



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