NEIL LENNON and Celtic are deeply unhappy with the SFA after another one of their players has become implicated in a virus related matter on their watch.

Ryan Christie had to isolate last month due toStuart Armstrong’s positive case and now David Turnbull has returned to Celtic with the virus.

Eleven members of the Scotland under 21 squad from last week are now isolating with Turnbull being one of three people in the camp to have contracted the virus.

Speaking to Sportsound, Neil Lennon said:

Turnbull isn’t a proper first team starter yet but that is besides the point. Celtic getting more bad Covid news off the back of international duty is hardly ideal when the club themselves have been excellent in their own bubble.

It begs the question, can the SFA be doing more or are these internationals just a breeding ground for the virus, in which case, should they be happening?



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