PAUL LAMBERT has slammed some Celtic fans for their over the top criticism of Neil Lennon this season and put it down to the fickle nature of the support.

Lambert details how you can do 100 things right at the club but do one thing wrong and that will be your legacy. He knows the pressure of playing for the club and can see the noises coming from the support and in the media about the manager not delivering this season.

“You know what, Celtic Football Club is a worldwide organisation and you’re only as good as your last pass.” Lambert told the East Anglian Times.

“You could have 100 great passes and then if the last one is a nightmare, that’s the one you’re remembered for.

“Lenny has won everything in sight. The league is still well within their grasp and they’re still in a cup final and others as well. They’re well in it.

“People shouldn’t get too carried away because they still have Rangers to play three times.

“Steven (Gerrard) is doing very well with Rangers but Celtic are on their coattails and I don’t think they’d give it up lightly.

“They’re going for 10 In A Row, which would be historic for them, but the criticism is way over the top and it’s not right.

“That’s the demand when you’re at Celtic, though.”

Paul will want to defend his old pal against harsh criticism, of course, that’s admirable but we can’t be a club who lets anyone live off past glories.

I don’t think many of the Lennon critics can call out what he’s done for the club over the piece, but we can only deal with the hear and now, history has a way of sorting itself out with time and perspective.

Right now, Celtic fans are in a stress about beating the Lisbon Lion record of nine titles in a row and going one better. Anything other than that would be seen, as Paul Lambert puts it ‘a bad pass’, although it would be more of a punt out the ground than a bad pass if the ten passes us by.


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