Celtic take on The Rangers for the final time this season and in doing so could secure their seventh consecutive title.

Celtic have the unique opportunity to win the league in front of their fans and send their Glasgow rivals packing.

We’ve teamed up with Ryan Fitzsimons who gives you his views on Sunday’s big match.


  1. Its Time to make History,Honestly Honourably and With Our Wonderful Support In Attendance to Gloat and Remind the Sevvies,We Do It With Our Heads Held High.Mon the HooPs intae Them.HH

  2. Its Nigh On Time This Rancid Revoltingly Disgusting So Called Club The RainJurZzz International Club were put Well n Truly in there Place.And make sure there Wounds are Gaping and the Salt in Rubbed Right In.No Holding Back.Give Them Our All,Leave the Pitch with no Regrets.Mon The HooPs.COYBIG HH

  3. Celtic Biggest and Best Club in Scotland by a Mile.CFC Unbroken History since 1888.No Celtic supporter has Ever Walked Away.Voted the Best Support in European Football.Any player thats played at Paradise under the lights on a European Game have all says,The Atmosphere is Incredible etc etc.Tommorow cant get here soon enoughThis game should show the differences in Quality on the park.As usual all the Guff coming from the Crumble Dome is Utter Pish..HH


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