The situation surrounding James Forrest at Celtic has become a topic of intense debate.

While acknowledging Forrest’s contributions to the club, there’s a growing sentiment among some supporters that it’s time for Celtic to move forward and make changes, especially in high-stakes competitions like the Champions League.

The critique isn’t so much about Forrest’s abilities as a player and all that he has done for the club but rather what his continued presence in the starting lineup signifies for Celtic’s ambitions, or lack of.

Forrest, who has been with Celtic for his entire career and even honoured with a testimonial, is seen by some as a symbol of complacency and a lack of ambition from the club’s management. This perspective views Forrest’s role not as an issue in itself but as representative of a broader reluctance within the club to evolve and take more daring steps forward.

The concern is that Forrest is being rewarded for his past achievements and has had a testimonial, is now occupying a place that could be used to foster new talent or bring in players who can add a fresh dynamic to the team.

The frustration is not just about Forrest but about what his role in the team says about Celtic’s willingness to embrace change and challenge themselves at the highest level.

It’s essential to approach this topic with sensitivity, recognising Forrest’s contributions and the affection many fans have for him.

However, for those advocating for change, it’s not just about nostalgia or celebrating past glories. It’s about looking to the future, bringing in new energy, and showing ambition that matches the aspirations of a club with Celtic’s history and potential.


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