Thierry Henry has told Sky Sports that it may be time for Moussa Demebele to try his luck in a “big league”.

The Arsenal legend knew he would incur the wrath of the Celtic support for saying it but believes they french striker should head down to the Premier League this month if the opportunity arises.

Speaking on the sky sports panel after the Brighton game Thierry notes he was surprised it was only Brighton who had came in for him.

”He can play, he can score, it might be time for him to play in a big league”

”He has all the attributes, I’m just really surprised it’s only Brighton showing interest”

There has been much debate among the support on the future of their striker. While the French under 21 is yet to hit the heights of last season due to injury, he is still a hot commodity within European football.

As strikers go, he’s at the top of a lot of managers wish list.

Brendan Rodgers has stated recently that he didn’t expect Moussa to go this window but wouldn’t give a definitive A’s things can change.



  1. The EPL is like the SPL….a one horse race.
    A big league?
    Huddersfield v Bournemouth….Swansea v Watford anyone?
    If Moussa goes he should go Spain….
    Man City has won their league already….nothing really great about the EPL….top six sides…..then mediocrity.

  2. Like it or not the EPL is big, huge in fact , league. The standard of the smaller teams is even fairly decent and City are miles ahead because they are a top top side . Celtic are a huge club but are in a small cash poor league.


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