BRENDAN RODGERS has had some stern words for his striker Leigh Griffiths in the wake of hearing about his jaunt to the races.

The Celtic star has been hounded by the media in recent months as they try to speculate, diagnose and generally try and out Leigh at times. So much so, the player had to issue a statement on twitter refuting things the press have been telling people.

Brendan Rodgers was asked during his Dubai training camp if he had spoken to Leigh in the last few weeks.

“I just need to see where it is all at because he is not on holiday. I think it’s one where I will take a deep breath and look at it.” Rodgers told MailSport. 

“It’s very important he understands why he is off and why he has been given the time off and why he has to maximise that time in terms of getting better. I haven’t spoken to him yet. A designated person at the club is dealing with everything with regards to Leigh and I will pick that up when I get back.

“Ultimately he is a Celtic player and the club are paying him a lot of money. But in these instances you have to support the player. Money doesn’t count for anything if the player isn’t in good health.”

Leigh has been out since early December as he looks to get his personal life back on track. Celtic are giving him every opportunity to do so and it’s right the manager check in with Leigh when he gets back.

Mental health issues in football is not something which has been dealt with properly in football over the years and it’s a positive step to see the club put Leigh’s health before the team.


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