MARK WILSON hosts a very interesting podcast on a weekly basis that centres around all things Celtic and what’s topical at the time.

The former Celtic defender has regular Celtic guests and journalists from the top of the Scottish mainstream media.

Mark was speaking at length on Tuesday on the Huddle podcast about the sticking point in an Eddie Howe appointment – asking the Daily Mail’s John McGarry who exactly was supposed to be heading to Celtic Park with Eddie.

Wilson enquired: “I’ve heard rumours Mark Burchill might be joining the staff, Peter Grant might be on the radar as well”

“But those couple of coaches at Bournemouth are they the sticking point?”

McGarry replied in-depth about what’s going on behind the scenes:

“I think that has something to do with it but I think it’s more centred around the structure.

“Celtic favour the structure around a Director of football with Eddie Howe working underneath him

“Eddie Howe originally wanted to bring in Richard Hughes, who has been more a technical director.

“I think Celtic are less keen on that idea, so I think there’s less chance of Richard Hughes joining now”

Mark Burchill works as a scout at Bournemouth and that’s most likely why his name has been mentioned for a return which isn’t outwith the realms of possibility.

Celtic fans just want to see this get done and announced so they can get on with looking forward to next season. Right now, we’re watching Celtic crawl to the end of the season with very little word coming from the club about what’s coming up next.

Would you welcome Burchill in the door with Howe?


  1. Please move forward with some urgency MrDesmondor risk losing many supporters of many years.we want to be part of an dinamic new dawn but yesterday.Stop penny pinching,no more biscuit tin .we will not wait forever!!


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