JACK HENDRY has told RecordSport he believes the Belgian League is of a higher standard than the SPFL and believes he can cope with life at Oostende because of his time at Celtic.

The on-loan Celtic defender believes if you don’t play for the two Glasgow Premiership clubs, then you’re basically nowhere.

Jack thinks the standard of competition in the Belgian league sets it apart from the SPFL,

“I can handle the pressure of playing for this club because at Celtic there was pressure in every game.

“I think the Belgian League is a higher level than in Scotland.

“Here in Belgium, you have several strong clubs like Club Brugge, Standard Liege, Genk and Anderlecht.

“But in Scotland, we have only Celtic and Rangers, with a few good teams underneath them.

“If you don’t play for either Celtic or Rangers, you won’t be thought of as playing at a high level, that’s my opinion.”

Jack hasn’t shown much in a Celtic jersey to suggest he can handle the pressure of being scrutinised in not just a game by game but minute by minute basis. It sometimes feels like it doesn’t matter what you did five minutes ago, if you give the ball away in the moment, you immediately are put under the spotlight by a sometimes over demanding fan base.

Hendry saying these things doesn’t really do anything for his prospects in Scotland, he’ll be hoping the Oostende deal turns into a permanent gig if he’s disparaging the league and the teams underneath at the moment.


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