The Green Brigade released a video of the section singing for ex-Celtic star Jackie McNamara as the former player recovers in hospital.

The GB banner was a nice touch by the group who gave a verse of Jackie’s old Celtic FC Album song ‘His name is McNamara’. If you’re old enough to remember that album you’ll know that was probably the first time it was actually sang by supporters inside the stadium with the cheesy lyrics not making their way onto the terrace.

Jackie’s daughter Erin wrote on social media she was ‘overwhelmed’ by the support shown. One of Jackie’s best mates and former Celtic teammate Simon Donnelly told his followers he had passed this onto Jackie who has seen the banner.

We hope to see Jackie up and about as soon as he’s able. The whole Celtic family got a shock when they heard the news about the severity of the situation. We’re all sending our best wishes to Jackie.



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