As a long time admirer of James Forrest, it’s great to see him getting the plaudits he deserves. Yesterday most Celtic players came in for a tanking, Forrest was the one that got at least pass marks from all quarters.

Always one to dip in and out of form, it’s understandable the crowd reaction towards him can dip too. This season has been his best season for consistency so far, keeping Paddy Roberts out of the team nearly proves that alone. The fact that Forrest has kept that form up with Roberts injured and Hayes breeding down his neck show’s where his head is at.

Forrest reminds me of McGeady in some ways, he never ever stops trying to beat players, he is always positive on the ball. He never goes hiding. He can beat two or three players and get a hard time for his final ball or for missing a shot on goal. We want to play football the Celtic way, we want to win and win playing attractive football, James Forrest will be key to this.



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