I just don’t get some Celtic fans.

The old adage you can’t please all of the people all of the time is an understatement when you’re part of the Celtic family but I’m a bit perplexed with the minority who want to turn their nose up at James McCarthy.

As we reported early last week, Celtic looked to re-engage Everton over signing the box to box midfielder in January with a loan being the most likely option.

While this has been greeted with a lot of positivity, as it rightly should be! There is those among the fanbase who think we shouldn’t sign him, why?

He was a talent at Hamilton, star at Wigan and burst onto the scene at Everton all guns blazing in his first season. Since then, yes his flame isn’t burning as brightly as maybe it once was but this is a player with a lot of talent and energy to burn. Everton fans who’ve seen the player lose form put it in large part down to unfortunate injuries coupled with not getting a run of games to reach any sort of form.

It’s clear Ronald Koeman doesn’t want him and Brendan Rodgers admires the Irish international and his ability so a deal could and should be struck to bring McCarthy to his boyhood heroes.

Anyone who thinks he won’t improve this current Celtic side has to have a word with themselves. It seems to me, the moaning stems from Celtic buying a player just because he plays for Ireland and supports Celtic, while we have done this in the past and many fans advocate that sort of silly transfer policy this does not apply to James. Well, he is an Irish international and a Celtic fan but Brendan Rodgers wants the player because he deserves the opportunity and has the drive and talent to be a success.

The fact he’s only 26 and Celtic would be getting his prime footballing years is yet another selling point to scoop the player up. As far as I’m concerned the fact he’s a Celtic supporter is a bonus, it’s always great to have people playing in the team who know what it’s all about from the start. There’s no doubt in my mind that James would give 110% for the cause and help further Brendan Rodgers already blossoming team.

So if Celtic can strike a deal to bring him in, whether it be on loan with an option to buy or a permanent basis, we should not turn our nose up at it, we should embrace.

Fingers crossed the deal gets over the line.




  1. Given the effect he has already had on the likes of Armstrong and Forrest, Brendan will also bring out the best in McCarthy if he comes, which is why I would rather we bought him than take him on loan to develop for another club.

  2. Its called having an opinion…
    He’s done nothing in the last year to suggest he would improve the team.
    But that’s just my opinion.
    I respect yours.

  3. Don’t care who he supports or where he’s from, I just don’t think he would improve the team massively, although you have to trust Brendan’s judgement. I am not suggesting it’s an either/or but I think what Celtic are crying out for is creativity in the middle especially for Europe. If we can get solidity AND creativity well, magic, bring it on!

  4. I haven’t seen anything from McCarthy that would suggest he is better than any of our current midfielders, however I’m prepared to accept Rodgers is much better qualified to make such a decision, and has shown that already.

    Interesting times.

  5. If it was a loan with a view to a long term signing then yes in a heartbeat but if it just till the end of the season then why? Large outlay in wages to play domestic games for 6 months?

  6. Don’t see the point in bringing him in on loan for 6 months . We have a team capable of winning the treble without him so I see it as a waste of money. 18 month loan would be perfect for the Champion’s leugue qualifying rounds but as I said , 6 month loan is pointless. Hh

    • I watched McCarthy when he played with Hamilton….so no lectures please.
      Oh…and we offered £300,000 btw….
      Hamilton told us to get lost !!
      Wonder why.

  7. Guys mccarthy instead of mcgregor and teamed with brooney and god i fear we might hit the Champions league highs again and maybe even get a good draw and 16/8 ‘s not out of reach especially if we get a Virgil sell on bonus HH

  8. Sign him in a heartbeat. Sinclair hadn’t shown much in recent seasons and look at what a player we have now. A bit of desire and something to prove is a good combination.

  9. I personally think MC Carthy would not improve Celtic.

    To me he just strolls around the park
    He very seldom looks for the ball never making him self available to receive it always hiding and if he goes as far as the other 18 yard box he gets a nose bleed.
    No thank you Liam Henderson give him a chance to develope


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