JAMES MCLEAN has suffered a torrid time trying to play football the past few weeks because he refuses to wear a poppy.

The Irishman gets abuse every year from the poppy fascists who demand every single player wear a poppy on the field of play.

McLean has always maintained his dignity, unlike the fans who abuse him.

At the weekend, the midfielder was subject to vile abuse and had missiles thrown at him as he was trying to do his job – some of the abuse coming from his own fans.

The Stoke player wrote this after the game:

You’ll notice Celtic captain Scott Brown liked the post on Instagram, backing McLean and rightly so!

Later that evening, McLean posted a picture with his family, proudly wearing his Celtic jersey with the tagline ‘What Matters Most’.

If people want to wear a poppy then that’s fair enough just like anyone who doesn’t want to shouldn’t be subjected to ridiculous abuse.

McLean is a massive Celtic fan and has been seen in the Hoops many times over the years. He’d love to play for the bhoys one day. If he did, there would be no issue about a poppy not being on his shirt.


  1. Matic at Man U, has stated he will do the same, young McLean has every right to choose as we all do, I don’t wear one and never will, not through disrespect,but because it has been hijacked by the unionist cause, for no other reason but to push forward their bigotry.!!my uncles fought in the war , they made it safely, many did not,and it is them we show respect for,all religions stood up for the right of freedom and live peacefully,but alas not the case now, this brexit has brought serious devision in this country,never known as much ‘little englander ‘attitude as we have now ,not going into further politics,on here, not the place,but, am saying as I see it!!!!!my uncles were dye in the wool tic fans, gone now, like many did what they thought was right.

  2. I am a die hard Celtic fan and an ex soldier, I wear the poppy on Remembrance Day and it is worn to remember all of the people who died in any wars, not just Brits but all the other poor buggers who were forced onto the front line. There is no reason to criticise anyone who does not want to wear it, lets stop all this nonsense and get on with just supporting our teams, and if our teams choose to wear the poppy, and stand for a minutes silence, who really gives a monkeys, wise up guys an galls. HH & KTF

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