As supporters, no matter how poor this season has been for the club we have all been desperate to make a return to grounds to see Celtic in the flesh again.

As quoted by the Daily Record speaking on Off the Ball, this morning the countries national clinical director, Jason Leitch provided an update on the situation, remaining optimistic that we are on track to see fans return this season but at the same time stating we must remain cautious with the every changing nature of the current pandemic.

 “I think both of those things the basic answer is yes but I’m not sure what form they will take.

“They are both outdoors, the football and the TRNSMT festival, they are both manageable, you control the crowds, you can control the queues, all of that.

“But I’m just not sure if it will look like we hope it looks, that the stadia are full and the TRNSMT festival has its normal thousands and thousands of people.

“I can’t know for sure yet what distancing, what restrictions there will be in July and then in September.

“Of course, the trick though, and this is the important public health message, the trick is the way to get them normal is to get incidents down in March.

“Everything is about driving the incidents down now by following the restrictions. Not pushing the boundaries, not trying to find ways to move beyond what you are allowed.

“And that then makes the July season tickets more likely and the TRNSMT festival more likely.”

It has now been over a year since supporters have been able to enter Celtic Park to watch the Hoops play in any sort of capacity.

There is a growing hope that we could see a return to grounds, on a more restricted basis, come next season with the progress of the current vaccination programme.

That will become clearer as time goes on but at this stage, it is important that we stick to all the guidelines in order to get closer to being allowed back in football stadiums at some point, hopefully in the not so distant future.


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