NEIL LENNON bemoaned the hypocrisy and lunacy of having to take six buses up to Dingwall to transport the squad for their upcoming fixture.

The bhoys are part of a very late Sunday night kick off on Sky Sports which is rarely seen.

The Hoops boss has bemoaned the protocols and they came up again on BBC Sportsound where Jason Leitch was taking questions.

The national clinical director has reiterated the stance of social distancing and what’s needed because Scottish football doesn’t operate in a ‘full bubble’.

There are sports around the world where the participants are cut off from their families and only allowed inside the sporting bubble. It means there can be a more relaxed take on social distancing when it comes to these sports.

However, Scottish football has a partial bubble where participants in the league go home to their families after games. This presents a stronger danger of catching the virus and because of this, more social distancing measures are put in place to try and stop any spread.

Neil Lennon might moan about it, but we have seen what happens to a squad if they’re in close proximity and there’s a positive case.

Speaking on Saturday’s Sportsound as cited by RecordSport, the clinical director confirmed why space is needed.

“The bubble is partial. We’ve done this before but let me quickly do it again,” the national clinical director said.

“There are only two or three examples of full bubbles in the elite sports world.

“One is the NBA and the other is Formula 1, absolutely secure. Everybody who goes into the bubble isolates and is tested before they go in and they don’t leave.

“They don’t see their family, they don’t go to Boots the chemist and they don’t go and get their shopping.

“In Formula 1, that’s journalists, drivers, the team. That’s why they don’t have to distance, they are in a secure bubble.

“They go on private jets from race to race and the NBA to exactly the same.

“Most sports, the Bundesliga, English Premier League, SPFL, SRU, are using partial bubbles where they are as careful as they can be but are still allowed to go home to their families.

“That is not as secure, therefore, the exemption for distancing is only when playing or training, not when you’re off the pitch.

“That’s the difference between the full bubble and the partial one.”


  1. Still doesn’t explain why we’re playing Ross County away at half past seven on a Sunday night!
    Hopefully the last girfuy from the powers that be to Celtic this season. I wouldn’t bankier on it!


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