SCOTT BROWN was subject to yet another outrageous challenge on Sunday afternoon that could have seen him out of the Scottish Cup final had Graeme Shinnie got his way.

The Celtic captain was in full flight when Shinnie took his feet completely away from him sending the Celtic captain crashing to the ground. It was malicious, it was premeditated and again a reckless tackle we’ve seen all too many times against Broony this season. It should have seen Shinnie walk.

Scott Brown loves a competitive tussle and he would welcome any physical battle against an opposition player but so often it leaves the realms of what’s acceptable on a football field as so many are envious of the Celtic captain.

Scott Brown is a hard tackling serial winner who is a wind up merchant, so of course, he’s going to have his haters. Not many can actually win out over the seven in a row star without resorting to thuggish behaviour, like we seen with Shinnie and with Hearts just a week prior.

Scott thankfully got up and kept going in the game yesterday after receiving treatment. After the game, Shinnie told Sky cameras ‘what comes around, goes around’. Well yes Graeme, Scott Brown went out to life the League trophy after the game while you played cards on the bus.




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