JERMAIN DEFOE was the man who was going to come into Scottish football and leave everyone in his wake as he propelled the Ibrox club to glory days of which they have nver see.

The EPL striker is collecting a Premier League pension but has come north to rinse Celtic’s Glasgow rivals out of a few quid before it’s all said than done.

One prominent newspaper sports editor wrote during the January window:

‘Celtic are taking a huge gamble on eight in a row and Rangers have bought guaranteed goals’.

Celtic fans had to put up with this all through January with no football being played.

We sit here mid-March, with Celtic eight points clear of the club who bought ‘guaranteed’ goals and we are in the semi-final of another competition.

But the show or more specifically, the circus must go on and the man who was bringing those ‘guaranteed goals’ has sent a warning to Celtic that the Ibrox club is ‘together’ and they are now focused on winning the Premiership.

“We need to stick together, try and forget the result and focus on the league. Anything can happen.” Defoe told the Daily Express.

It’s an ever-changing narrative that never fails to surprise.


  1. Defoe should be getting his PENSION and not robbing money from that club in govan. Gerrard is fed up and heading back to Liverpool. COME ON THE CELTIC, HAIL HAIL.

  2. “Jason & The I’mtoblame with his Ibronauts, Always Good For a “Bleeting Laugh Ahafckngha, Just a pity that the ramsdens trophy is also not within their current situation or climate, No #uns At Hampden, Oh There’s No #uns At Hampden Glasgow’s Green & White HH.

  3. Defoe has a cheek, giving Celtic a warning! Tell you what Defo, here’s a warning to you, £50k + a week not to score, what is your problem failure. What a turd. You and moreorless are the biggest jokes playing in Scotland. You come up here all wind and piss telling us what you’re going to do, and you fall on your face. Big mouth, big failure. Not a good position to be in. Offski bye!!!

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