Joe Hart has told The Stiffs podcast that the 3-0 victory against The Rangers back in February was one of the best footballing moments he’s ever been a part of.

The Englishman came into Celtic off the back of a few frustrating years after leaving Manchester City. Joe has been great for Celtic and Celtic has been great for Joe.

He’s made an outstanding contribution to the season thus far both on and off the pitch. He’s become a locker room leader and has been a great help to Callum McGregor as the midfielder makes his way through his first season as Celtic captain.

When Joe was asked about Celtic and how things are going – he told the podcast.

“I’ve loved it, I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m really happy here. Celtic is massive.

“The Old firm at Celtic park was the one of the best footballing moments I’ve ever been part of” – “It was Nuts”

Considering Joe has been around the block and been part of some very famous moments – the fact he puts the Celtic Park atmosphere up so high in his footballing memories is brilliant.

We had no first team goalkeeper at the beginning of the season – we now have someone reliable who has adapted well to what Ange is asking of him.

There could be a good few years in the goalkeeper yet. Joe could have stayed at Spurs and collected his wages – he decided he wanted to play football and attempt to win things. He’s already won the League Cup with the Hoops and they’re fighting for the title as well as the Scottish cup as we head into the final part of the season.

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  1. Joe s comments about 3-0 victory are now history , that result doesn’t matter now , it’s the next game that matters to us .


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